Design Tree is a professional paper products department affiliated to General Union. Our goal is to be a reliable manufacturer of qualified products for schools, offices, students and anyone who needs our vast array of stationery merchandise. 

We produce a large variety of paper products every year according to different customers' requirements, including a large number of categories of books, planners, journals, office supplies and also some party supplies. Among the various products we now produced, Design Tree has maintained an excellent reputation for high quality and customer satisfaction.

We strive to bring originality and style to all of our products for our customers. In this ever demanding and changing market, we continue to work with our customer to ensure that any and all of our products meet the needs and desires for them. We are also willing to provide our customer with some of our unique designs and services, and we are already doing so. 

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers and our ability to curate a diverse product offering. We hope our constant reinvesting in new items and technique would keep our inventory continuously fresh and fun.


Thousands of different products are produced every year to meet the requirements of customers.