As the professional paper department of General Union (Market Union Group), G-Lucky/Artcool designs, develops and produces fashion stationery products and party products to sell to customers around the world.

Many different paper products are produced each year to meet the requirements of

customers. We span a vast number of categories including books, planners, journals, office supplies, gift bags, DIY, dated goods, and card-making paper-based products.

These paper products integrate our knowledge, passion, entrepreneurial spirit

and commitment to let us deliver the best cost and quality to customers.

We are passionate about providing a fast response, qualified and competitive products to our customers. We also like to create innovative materials and structures for applying on our customers’ products, and we will help them develop unique products or even supply design service for them. At G-Lucky/Artcool, we know that each customer is unique. Our mission is to provide individual products for our different customers that will meet their needs. We are hoping our profession, detail-orientation, and passion will make you satisfied.


Thousands of different products are produced every year to meet the requirements of customers.